Are you ready to experience total body wellness?

I am here to help you feel better, live better and create the calm you crave.

Welcome to Serenity Wellness Collective

Helping you support mental and physical wellbeing through simple daily routines.

At Serenity Wellness Collective I am passionate about helping you find the calm and balance you crave in your busy life. Through meditation, essential oils and collaborative workshops with natural health experts, you will be empowered to take control of your life in a welcoming community of like-minded people.

“Life will always have its ups and downs, it is how we respond and cope with these situations that defines us”


Meditation Made Simple

We offer gentle, guided meditation classes combining breath and restorative practices that will help you unwind, relax, release stress and tension and bring clarity to the mind.

Join us at our studio or online in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for all levels, whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned meditator (or somewhere in between)

Essential Oils

Wellness by Nature

Revive, restore and support.

Essential oils can be used simply and effectively for all members of your family.

Easily integrated into your daily routine they can elevate the mood, support emotional balance, improve sleep or strengthen the immunity. Nature’s powerhouse for overall wellbeing.

SWC Brunch + Bubbles

Friendship and Connection

As a community we come together for a morning to relax, connect, learn and be inspired by guest speakers sharing their story and bringing awareness to different areas of health.

Meet Narelle

“Your Queen of Calm”

I am a mum to three beautiful children, and a wife to an amazing husband.

I love keeping fit and eating healthy, but also love chocolate, coffee and a sneaky glass of red on the weekends!

I have a passion for supporting my family physically and mentally through natural alternatives. I am not here to diagnose or treat – I am simply one person sharing my experiences and my story, and I have a passion to support others in their quest to lead a happier and healthier life.
I believe in a collaborative approach to supporting both our physical and mental health and I would love to work with you and help you find the “Calm you Crave”.

My passion is to inspire you to take the time to look after yourself in a way that is simple, effective and easy to bring into your daily routine.

Lovely Words From Our Clients

Meditation! Have you tried it?

I never had but saw Narelle posting pics weekly of this space all set up with mats & blankets & it was calling me! What a beautiful thing to do for yourself & be treated by Narelle. Her voice so soothing & easy to listen too, she has you off on a relaxing journey in no time… We finished with a cup of herbal tea & homemade raw treats that Narelle makes herself, truly spoilt. I’m now officially addicted & look forward to our Wednesday nights so very much, the class is small & intimate and now I couldn’t imagine life without meditation!

– Dianna Monastra

I have an immediate sense of calm when I enter Narelle’s work space. She is such a calm person, with good energy and it makes me remember to stop and breathe and slow down. Narelle empowers and motivates me to have better self care and general wellness. She is a role model to me and I trust what she teaches and recommends.

– Kath Covic

I was first introduced to Doterra oils by a trusted friend a couple of years ago when I was experiencing some issues with my sleep and emotional well-being. Whilst I loved the concept of embracing a natural therapy, I had very little experience or understanding of which oils would be particularly beneficial. Then along came the beautiful Narelle!

She took the time to genuinely listen to my concerns and gently guided me into the magical and life changing world of oils!

Narelle combines her extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the oils with her beautifully compassionate and gentle nature to provide her clients with a complete, individually tailored experience. I cannot thank her enough for the continued support, care and compassion she offers me. Narelle is really one of those people whom I can genuinely say has changed my life for the better! Thank you, Narelle.”

– Melinda Marston

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Hi there lovely…

I would love to help you.

I see you, I hear you and I’m here to help you.

Life presents us with many challenges, and it is how we respond to these challenges that defines us.

Let me help you find the tools to naturally support your physical and emotional wellbeing. Together we can reduce the effects of stress in your life, improve your self confidence, strengthen your self self esteem, be more motivated and live a life with a greater sense of peace and calm. I cannot wait to help you “Create the Calm you Crave”.

Love, Narelle