“Coming together is just the beginning”

Something I am most grateful for in my business is the opportunity I have to connect with some amazing businesses and people.

Below are four inspiring, entrepreneurial women who I look up to, who have inspired me personally and professionally, and are supporting the upcoming SWC Charity Event on the 23rd of April. These ladies are making a significant and powerful difference within the community and I am grateful to have them as part of the upcoming event

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Connections matter. Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. Being connected to others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing and can be a protective factor against anxiety and depression – Beyond Blue

Fusion Biz Co

Ashley Matkovic

Let me introduce you to Ash, the gorgeous face and founder behind Perth’s BEST networking group, Fusion Biz Co.
Fusion was established in 2016 after Ash felt disillusioned with the local business networking scene.
She had a deep knowing that connecting with likeminded women was the catalyst to success.

Ashley Matkovic is the founder and CEO of Fusion Biz Co, a business community for powerhouse female entrepreneurs in Perth and the Great Southern. The focus is to connect female entrepreneurs and empower them to make a positive impact in the world through business endeavours. Ash is passionate about creating human connections in an increasingly disconnected world of online interaction. She created Fusion Biz Co. to revolutionize the business networking scene by encouraging deep conversations and genuine relationships, rather than focusing on making sales.

I joined Fusion in 2018 and I feel it has been pivotal in helping me grow, not only in my business but personally as well. Ash has created such a beautiful community that is not only welcoming and encouraging, but also full of knowledge, insights and powerful connections for me. Joining Fusion has been one of the best investments I have made for my business.

If you would like to know more about Fusion or how you can belong to Perth’s leading community of POWERHOUSE female entrepreneurs, pop into the Fusion website here

Knot Just Cords

Bree Smith

Meet the lovely Bree!

Bree has a passion to help encourage busy individuals (particularly mummas!) to take time out for themselves through creativity with her beautiful DIY macrame kits.

Knot Just Cords kits were created to show the therapeutic benefits of making and creating. How macrame allows the maker to be in the moment, forget their stresses and relax their mind which in turn helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. How through creativity you can work on self-care which in turn will help with mental health. Macrame helped me with my struggle with postnatal depression after I had my boys and I want to show other mum’s how it can also help them.

Bree’s kits are eco-friendly, super easy to follow, have everything included from all materials to instructions to an online video tutorial. They take the stress out of learning something new and makes it easy for mums to take some much needed time out for themselves and do something just for them

I loved unleashing my creativity through one of Bree’s kits recently, it was so easy to do and fun as well!

If you would like to purchase on her her kits or find out more about what Knot Just Cords have to offer pop onto Bree’s website Here

Melville Mums

Harriet Genever

Meet the lovely Harriet!

Harriet Genever is the Founder & Publisher of Melville Mums, an online platform connecting mums living in and around the City of Melville with local services, activities and events for themselves and their families.

When Harriet moved to the Melville area in 2019 with her husband and two young sons, she struggled to find a single source of local info for families. Thinking there must be other mums in a similar situation, Harriet wanted to create a way to help mums find local information quickly and easily, connect with other mums as well as support local business and not-for-profit organisations. And so, Melville Mums was born!

If you would like to know more about Harriet and the wonderful resources and information she offers through Melville Mums, pop onto her website Here

Jessie Jolly Personal Stylist

Jessie Jolly

Meet the lovely Jessie!

Jessie Jolly is the Perth Personal Stylist offering empowering styling sessions for immediate impact and a lasting impression.Jessie specialises in dressing those who have been through significant change in their life or body shape and are left feeling stuck, and in a style rut. 

Jessie uses the power of her own personal experiences; healing from the trauma of being a domestic violence survivor and eradicating her own self critical body shaming habits to empathise, and uncover her clients body confidence blocks.Using these tools, she creates uniquely personalised styling experiences to re-empower her clients and explore their authentic style, allowing them to shine from the inside out.

If you would like to know more about Jessie and the amazing sessions she offers pop onto her website Here