“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Something I am most grateful for in my business is the opportunity I have to connect with some amazing businesses and people.

Below are four inspiring, entrepreneurial women who I look up to, who have inspired me personally and professionally, and are supporting the upcoming SWC Charity Event on the 23rd of October. These ladies are making a significant and powerful difference within the community and I am grateful to have them as part of the upcoming event

Breakfast with Julian Pace – Happiness Co.

Connections matter. Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide us with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. Being connected to others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing and can be a protective factor against anxiety and depression – Beyond Blue

Fusion Biz Co

Ashley Matkovic

Let me introduce you to Ash, the gorgeous face and founder behind Perth’s BEST networking group, Fusion Biz Co.
Fusion was established in 2016 after Ash felt disillusioned with the local business networking scene.
She had a deep knowing that connecting with likeminded women was the catalyst to success.

Here are some fun facts about Fusion Biz Co founder Ashley Matković

  • In 2019 I became a mama to my girl Kyla
  • which has made my purpose even more clear… to empower women to make the ripples of change they want to see in the world, so we can make it a better place for the next generation
  • I am a natural introvert
  • that was the part of the reason I started Fusion, to create a warm and welcoming space for other people like me who hate walking into a room full of strangers
  • I am a serial business starter
  • Some of my biz ventures include: gourmet nut & chocolate biz; Facebook ad consulting (still do this a bit); running mind/body/soul events; multiple network marketing (so not for me); lemonade stall (when I was 7 of course ha!)
  • I may look about 12, but I am actually 33
  • I can thank my Mum for my baby face genes!

I joined Fusion in 2018 and I feel it has been pivotal in helping me grow, not only in my business but personally as well. Ash has created such a beautiful community that is not only welcoming and encouraging, but also full of knowledge, insights and powerful connections for me. Joining Fusion has been one of the best investments I have made for my business.

If you would like to know more about Fusion or how you can belong to Perth’s leading community of POWERHOUSE female entrepreneurs, pop into the Fusion website here

House of Hobby

Emilie Otto

Meet the lovely Emilie
Visual Designer, Artist & Creative Business Owner
We all have a story to tell and I want to help you tell yours.
I believe that everyone should be fearlessly themselves, celebrate their unique style and fly their freak flag with pride. It is my mission to inspire a happier and brighter world, through Art, Design and Creativity. I apply this mantra to everything I do, be it personally and in business.
Empowering and inspiring others through creativity fuels my fire and inspires my creativity.

Emilie is the owner of House of Hobby, Perth’s BEST creative workshops.

Passion and Purpose
House of Hobby’s mission is to create a place of relaxation and fun for women. A place where you can indulge your femininity, be creative, enjoy a glass of champagne and feel connected, understood and part of a community. A place where we have real conversations about topics that matter. A place you don’t have to dress up to attend. A place where you can be yourself. A place to love what you do and be celebrated for the wonderful woman you are.
House of Hobby offers small 2-3 hour workshops (which always feature champagne) run by ladies for ladies. Perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, hens parties, corporate events or just a ladies day out.

I have attended several of the House of Hobby workshops and they are so much fun! The perfect way to embrace and unleash your creativity in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. Laughs, bubbles, cheese boards and creativity, what more could you ask for?!

House of Hobby workshops are fun, creative and the perfect way to unleash that inner creative in you whilst having fun with like minded individuals. Check out the amazing workshops on offer here

Inner Ego

Lynda Scantlebury

Meet the lovely Lynda!
Lynda started Inner Ego in late 2013 with a passion for healthy living, eating and of course great cold-pressed juice.
“I wanted to help people reap the benefits of plant based eating and juice cleansing, without the hassle of having to prepare it themselves. Plant based eating is so much more than just a boring salad, and plants can really transform your health and wellbeing.”

At our kitchen we craft juice, food and almond milk that is fresh and of the highest quality, we never cut corners! We work with local suppliers, farmers and business who have the same passion for food as us.

Cold Press – Why is it Better?
Traditional blending or grinding exposes the juice to heat, which can oxidise the juice destroying flavour and its nutritional benefits. Our slow moving gear juicer applies pressure on the fruit, vegetables and nuts we use for our juices. This “cold” process means the essential vitamins, proteins, enzymes and minerals are maintained. Our product is also raw, as we do not heat treat, or pressure treat the juice after it is made, which again aids in maintain the nutritional density of the juice.

Our Ethos

Our focus had always been on small batch production, we make our juices fresh to order just for you that way you can be assured you are getting the very freshest juice possible. We use the worlds best hydraulic cold press technology slowly pressing the produce avoid excess exposure to heat and oxygen. AND we bottle, label, pack and store your juices in a 4 degree room. The lower the temperature the safer the product, the better the flavour and the more nutritionally dense the juices are!

We endeavour to support local farmers, suppliers and producer whenever possible. If we can get it from Western Australia we will, and we do! We believe in small business doing great things!

All our juices are 100% raw. We never heat treat or HPP our juice, and thus avoid destroying valuable nutrients and enzymes. We aim to provide you juices and almond milks that are full of plant based clean energy and nutrition.
Mother Nature is smart and powerful, and we believe she knows best.

So if you have ever wanted (or wondered) about doing a juice cleanse, I highly recommend checking out the Inner Ego website here

Wellness By Evolve

Cassie Chadd

Meet the lovely Cassie
Wellness by EVOLVE was established in October 2019.
I’m often asked what made me start wellness by EVOLVE? The truth is that this business was never in the plans for me. I had already started a kids sports/fitness biz after finishing my maternity leave and resigning at a local school.
However, after suffering from back pain due to a sporting injury I was researching ways to reduce pain without taking medication and infrared therapy came up. After a few sessions and feeling my results, I knew this is something I wanted my family and friends who suffer from a variety of health issues to experience. Knowing that many of those mentioned above would not go and take the time out to try infrared therapy, I thought I’d bring it to them.
After more research into leading infrared sauna brands and technologies, I knew the wellness pod system was exactly what I was looking for…

Uses all 3 types of infrared rays
Tourmaline, Jade and Germanium stones line the inner walls of the pod which allow negative ion generation to facilitate the flow of the body’s bio energy.
Halotherapy through the Himalayan Salt air filtration system.
Adjustable temperature to up to 90° Celsius

Cool adjustable fan for face and neck

Aromatherapy to help destress
Red light therapy
Calorie Indicator
Hence, providing a well balanced approach to health and wellness, which is super important to me.

And that is how wellness by EVOLVE was born!

Here is some fun facts about the owner Cassie…

  • I’m a single mum of 2 little superstars.
  • My passions revolve around sport, health and fitness.
  • I’m an ex Health and Physical Education teacher who has taught students from Kindy to year 12.
  • I have a massive sweet tooth – with chocolate and ice cream being a big staple in my household.
  • I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t enjoy/drink coffee or tea.

To book a session or more information can be found here