Happy or Unhappy?

Hormones can rule us and rule our household! Do you have the same problem? Some days you might just want to cry, others you may struggle with mental clarity. Whatever your experience, there are oils that can help you!`

Find out how you can simply and naturally support hormonal balance using Doterra essential oils.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted form the leaves, bark, stem, roots, seeds or flowers of the plant. They are what the plant produces to protect itself from environmental threats. They can work with our bodies in one of three simple ways.

How Do We Use Essential Oils?

Just Take A Deep Breath!
Open the bottle and inhale deeply …… you have just used an essential oil aromatically!

This can be quick, powerful and effective. My other favorite way to aromatically use the oils is through diffuser in a cool mist diffuser – the best way to disperse the oils into the air in their most purest form.

Soothing Massage
Using a carrier oil, most essential oils can be safely applied to the skin where they are absorbed and in the bloodstream within 30 seconds. When applied topically certain essential oils can also benefit the skin, soothing, nourishing and reducing blemishes.

Water Anyone?
Add a drop of lemon essential oil a day!!

Adding a drop of essential oil to your water can energize, uplift and encourage you to drink more water!! A large proportion of our essential oils can be used as a food additive to enhance flavor and benefits of your meals. But just remember, these oils pack a punch!! So always start with one drop when adding to a beverage or recipe. And check the label on the bottle to ensure it is safe to be used internally.

Emotional and Unbalanced?
Because essential oils work on both emotional stability and also the physical body, they are the perfect natural alternative to help support us through the difficult time. Using essential oils will help you to feel more stable, calm and happy whilst also bringing back that mental clarity you may have lost!

Below are the essential oils that I use to help support myself and my two daughters throughout the month with various hormone-related problems. They are simple and easy to use on a daily basis and can be taken with us when we head out and about.

Clary Calm –
Apply to the neck and wrists to soothe emotions and reduce heat when those “Power Surges” come on!! This oil has been my absolute savior of late. available in an easy to use roller bottle it is quick and effective and so easy to use. I have one that I carry in my handbag at all times and then one next to my bed.

My daughters use it when they have an achy back or stomach discomfort. It helps to relieve and soothe – both the discomfort and the emotions!!!! Double benefit!

Geranium –
A light, floral oil that is known for supporting hormone balance but is also beautiful for the skin. I like to add this to my face cream each morning and night. It brings a glow back to the skin and will also help settle the tension and moods.

Clary Sage –
Another of our floral oils, Clary Sage has a slightly more herbal aroma to it. You can apply it topically to calm any skin irritations and promote healthy complexion, or I like to add a drop to a mug of warm water and sip just before bed. This helps to balance emotions and encourage a restful sleep.

Where Do I Start?
If you would like to purchase essential oils I would love to help you. We have a fantastic members option that allows you to purchase the oils at wholesale and also receive other benefits and free oils. I will also be here to guide you with your purchases and for all ongoing needs and education on how to use the oils.

To take advantage of our Members Wholesale Account option, check out the Essential Oils Page to learn more and get your Welcome Kits to start your oil journey!