I needed to help myself first….

When I first began using essential oils, it was all about supporting my children. Their health, their emotions, their moods, and their sleep. Life had been challenging, there were many difficult days, tears, tantrums, low moods – from them and me.

I have always been invested in supporting my family as naturally as possible, and with the discovery of essential oils, I felt I had something that was not only effective and easy to use, but also was enjoyable to learn more about.

My focus was, as always, what I could use for the kids, and I threw myself into learning the different ways the oils could support all of them. After just a few weeks, I could feel the change, the shift in the moods, and the calmness that had come over the household.

Then I realised…..

The oils were working…….but it wasn’t just the oils.

It was me……

You see, prior to using the oils I was a very stressed mama. Constantly worrying, hardly sleeping, always overthinking. Now, to some that know me, this may come as a shock, because not everyone saw this side of me, because I was also conscious of showing all of these emotions, so would often cover up my challenges.

Smile bright, be happy, squash down the insecurities, the worries, the stress, the emotions.

So after the first fortnight of using the oils, one night it occurred to me that I was feeling stronger. I was less emotionally reactive towards situations, I was feeling happier, lighter, and healthier…..physically and mentally.

So, it was in this moment, that I realised what we always know, but sometimes neglect to do….in order for us to be there for others, we need to be there for ourselves first.

In order for my kids to feel calm and safe, I needed to show up for them in a calm and balanced manner. In order for them not to feel stressed and over react, I needed to be in control of my own emotions and feelings.

My emotional balance = Their emotional balance

The oils are for everyone…

Over the years the one thing I have loved about using essential oils through my home, is that I can address the whole family so easily, simply and effectively. Sometimes when emotions are running high, it is empowering to know that I can help by subtly popping a diffuser ( or 7! ) on around the home.

So my confession is…..

The oils helped my children become more balanced, calm and healthy, but, more importantly they helped me. They allowed me to take a step back from stresses and situations and see things from a more rational perspective. And when I realised this, and took ownership of my emotions and stressors this had a profound and positive impact on the whole family.

Never underestimate the power that applying or diffusing your essential oils can have on those around you. When people comment and say “you smell amazing” you are giving them a little lift in their day too!