Hello and welcome….. Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to join me. I am very passionate about family health and emotional balance, and my hope is that I can inspire you to be as well.
I feel it is important to tell you a little about myself and why I do what I do.
Serenity Wellness Collective was born out of a passion to naturally support my family in their physical and emotional health. As a busy family navigating day to day life I realised how important it was to nourish our body from the inside out through natural health and whole foods. Since my journey began my family has experienced better health and wellness and now live a life with improved immunity, sleep and emotional balance.
I Would Like To Share More With You
But I feel it is important to tell you the real story and go a little deeper into why I am so passionate about my family, my business, natural health and helping others.
Our journey as a family has been similar to other families in some ways, but in others quite different.
I would like to begin by saying I have THE most supportive husband I could ever ask for. He is always there for me in every sense – not just my husband, but my best friend, my soul mate and my biggest supporter in what I do. He believes in me and what I do, and I am truly grateful and appreciative of his ongoing support day in and day out. But more importantly he is the absolute rock of our family. The best Dad our kids could ask for – encouraging, funny, supportive and the calm in the storm when we need it!
Our three beautiful children are everything and we are so proud of them. But life hasn’t always been easy. And with their permission I would like to share with you just a little of our story.

Family – Our Parenthood Journey Begins
Twenty one years ago our eldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. At the time this came almost as a relief – the early years were difficult. She was a gorgeous girl, but also very challenging and never slept – and I mean NEVER!! I struggled to cope and I didn’t like to let others know, so kept a lot to myself, but the diagnosis gave me a little hope – that we weren’t bad parents after all. 
This began my journey of nourishing from the inside out. I began to read a lot of books and look into how I could support moods, emotions and behaviour naturally through food, supplements and different approaches to parenting. I learnt very quickly the effects that preservatives, food colourings and flavourings and even artificial fragrances had on her behaviour, sleep and personality. Making the changes to become a low tox house and eliminate behaviour triggering food was difficult and time consuming, but it was worth it. Remember, this is 21 years ago, before we were really aware of the negative impact these products had on our health. And it was still a journey – just when things would settle, there would be a growth spurt, illness or puberty to unbalance things again. Persistence, perseverance, love and family + friends support was what got us through.

Today I am so proud of this girl, now graduated with a degree in psychology and working as a developmental therapist with children with autism.

Baby Number Two Arrives
In the middle we have our handsome, gentle natured son. As a baby and child he was the opposite to the girls – ate, slept and played contentedly and quietly with his small cars! A little bit of a change from the whirlwind that his sister was! However, at the age of two we began what was to be 5 years on and off with hospital admissions for asthma. Again I looked to support him as much as I could through nourishing food, but, I would also like to stress at this point that I always have, and always will, balance the holistic approach with traditional medicine where needed. And I feel very strongly about this.
At the age of 9 he took up swimming – and took to it like a fish to water!!! He loved it and excelled at it competing at state level and then going on to compete at National level. His dedication was admirable – early mornings, double training sessions and balancing school work as well. He loved it. Then after one major competition the nerves started to get the better of him, and it became as much a mental sport as it was physical. This became such a challenging time for him, and a lot of the time we were unaware of exactly how much it was affecting him, especially emotionally. He was extremely focused and disciplined on supporting himself through food and natural alternatives. This too became another focus for me, nurturing and strengthening his body and mind through natural health to improve his immunity, emotional balance and overall wellbeing.

Two years ago he embarked on a sea change and left Perth to spread his wings and start a new business. He found his passion in wine making and is currently studying in Adelaide to become a wine maker… again we couldn’t be more proud.

And Then There Were Three
Our beautiful third baby was born in the March of 2003 – a mix between her big brother and sister and was adored by them both. A better sleeper than her sister, but not as good as her brother, the first few months went along smoothly. At around 6 months she decided she only liked me and would scream not only when someone else wanted to hold her, but even when they looked at her! We were to discover the reason for this later. Born with no markings on her skin at all, at around the same time she started to develop what we thought were little birthmarks. After a visit to our child health nurse and then at her recommendation an appointment at a dermatologist we were informed she had a genetic condition called NF1 (Neurofibromatosis 1) This news came as quite a shock, a time of uncertainty and confusion. Advised not to google the disease and its prognosis, as most people would, it was the first thing we did – not a good idea. To explain in basic terms, NF1 is a genetic condition that varies widely in severity between each individual, it can affect many parts of the body, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves, skin, and other body systems. NF can cause growth of non-cancerous (benign) tumors involving the nerves and brain. Those with NF1 are also known to have learning and behavioural difficulties.
She now has many cafe au lait markings all over her body, and at the age of two they discovered an optic glioma, a tumor wrapped around the optic nerve of her left eye. If this tumor grows we have two options – Chemotherapy or remove her eye. She is monitored with yearly MRI’s through Perth Childrens Hospital and thankfully the tumor has remained relatively stable. 
With constant monitoring and specialist visits, she was also diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10. We had some challenging times but always got through with the love and support of those around us.

Through her many challenges she has always kept her bright, beautiful smile, and has recently found her niche in working with children. We are so proud of how she has faced her difficulties over the years and carved out her own path in life doing something she loves.

How Essential Oils have Helped
When number three started at high school we became aware of how much she was internalising her stress and anxiety, as she struggled to come to terms with this new change. It was at this point I began researching what else I could use for emotional support and came across the beautiful Doterra essential oils.These oils have had such a positive effect on all members of our family – emotionally, physically and mentally. My journey with DoTerra has seen my family experience better health and wellness and live a life with improved immunity, sleep and emotional balance. And for me on a personal level I feel I have grown and stepped out of my comfort zone and into something I am very passionate about and love. I began using essential oils for my children, but as time went on I soon realised how much they were also helping me. They allowed me to be more resilient when things weren’t quite going right, more patient with my children and less stressed and tired overall. I distinctly remember the day my son commented and said “ Mum, you’re so calm it’s a little creepy”!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! It was great that he found me much calmer, but, it also highlighted just how stressed I used to be.

There was another time when after a particularly difficult few months my husband commented that he was so glad I was doing what I was doing, because if I hadn’t been, I would not have coped with the few months we had had. Life will always have its ups and downs, it is how we respond and cope to these situations that defines us. Essential oils have given us as a family the resilience, strength and patience to cope with set backs.

Through my journey with the oils I have also been introduced to many other areas of health and wellness and connected with some beautiful and inspirational people. Four years ago I was at a retreat and experienced a meditation session that ignited my passion for this practice. Previously I had tried meditation and, like most people, struggled with calming my mind and felt it wasn’t for me. Through several courses and training I am now a dedicated holistic practitioner of mindfulness, meditation, and human development and through weekly classes and retreats I love to share my passion for meditation with others. I credit my own daily practice to living a life with enhanced mental clarity and focus, improved immunity, better quality sleep, and strengthened emotional regulation and balance.

Why I do What I Do
Through Serenity Wellness Collective my aim is to share essential oils, meditation and all areas of health and wellness to my community. I have chosen to share my story with you all because we have been through some difficult times, but we have come out the other side. If I can help just one mother, child or family through difficult times I have served my purpose. Giving a young mum hope, a child strength and courage, or a family more balance and harmony is why I do what I do. 
If you would like to know more about meditation and essential oils and how they could help yourself, your family or friends I would love to connect with you.