Warrior of Hope

A beautiful morning of friendship and connection….

On Friday 21st of August we came together in the beautiful space of Feld to raise awareness and support for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

Guests enjoyed a glass of bubbles whilst listening to the soulful sounds of Ezereve, and indulging in delicious food by Olio’s catering and Posh Little Cakes. 

You never know how strong you are, 

Until being strong is your only choice”

Two very brave and courageous guest speakers shared their journey with us on the day. 

The beautiful Jessica Ashton who was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Type 1 Diabetes, shared how her mental health has been affected through the years, the impact that diabetes had for her career as a dancer, and her most recent struggles with pregnancy and diabetes. 

Yvette Saint, mum to gorgeous 5 year old Olivia, shared with us her journey from Olivia’s diagnosis at the age of 2, to the daily struggles and challenges that they, and Olivia, have learnt to deal with. Yvette told of the impact it has had on their mental health, and the gratitude she has for Olivia’s teachers looking after her at school. 

The one thing I took away from the speakers that morning is the strength and resilience that both Jess and Olivia have. They didn’t choose diabetes, it chose them. 

Diabetes makes many aspects of their life more challenging, but neither of them allow diabetes to define them. They are both true Warriors.

All those that attended were touched by both Jess and Olivia’s story’s, and left with a greater understanding of the challenges of living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Kara from 180 Cakes also joined us on the day and shared the story of how a family member with type 1 diabetes was the inspiration behind the creation of her amazing cake mixes. 

Kara has created baked goods that don’t  have a negative impact on people’s health, and are safe for people with diabetes and coeliacs disease, and most importantly taste delicious too!

In total, the morning raised $1023 for JDRF which will go towards further research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes…. thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that supported this event . 


Teena Liddle, Fundraising & Engagement Co‑ordinator  for JDRF WA, also joined us to share a little more about what JDRF is and how they support the families.

Leading supporter of Type 1 Diabetes research in the world
Starting in the US in 1970, JDRF began in Australia in 1982 as a small group of parents who believed their children deserved better. Now, millions of people work with and support JDRF in over 20 countries. We connect the best people in every discipline, industry and organisation with a single focus on destroying T1D. 40 years of investment in the best researchers has created an exciting pipeline from academic research through to clinical trials and therapies requiring approval and financial support for people to access them

Thank You

A big thank you to all the businesses that helped and sponsored this event, this was a community effort and I am grateful to have the support of so many lovely people. 

  • Feld & Co. 
  • Olio’s & Co Catering 
  • Ezereve
  • Vasse Felix Wines
  • Posh Little Cakes
  • Aria-Bella Rises
  • My DragonFly Creations
  • The Gifting Pot
  • 180 Cakes
  • 3 Hearts Ceramics
  • Antipotea
  • The Reflexology and Massage Sanctuary
  • Cha Higginson

Mental health is something that was prominent on the day, and through my business I know is a challenge that many of you, or a family member, face.

At Serenity Wellness Collective I am passionate about helping you find the calm and balance you crave in your busy life. Through meditation, essential oils and collaborative workshops with natural health experts, you will be empowered to take control of your life in a welcoming community of like-minded people.

I believe in a collaborative approach to supporting both our physical and mental health and I would love to work with you and help you find the “Calm you Crave”.

Please reach out to me if you would like to know more about how meditation and essential oils can support your mental and physical health.

A special thank you to Claudia for capturing the morning so beautifully.