I love to incorporate all areas of health and wellness into my life and that of my family.

I’m also passionate about bringing better health and wellness to yours. Let me show you how.

Narelle is an absolute magician when it comes to creating calm. I have been to her meditation sessions, and I the felt warmth and love that radiates from her is beautiful. I feel so relaxed after my medi with Narelle, it is like a nervous system reset and I can handle life with so much more grace and calm. Highly recommend Narelle!

Ashley Matkovic

I just love attending Narelle’s meditation classes. She has a beautiful quality about herself which makes you feel instantly calm and ready to relax. I didn’t think that I would be able to be still for an hour but I can and I look forward to it every week

       Jo Clark

What an absolute pleasure being apart of Narelle’s meditation & sounds healing class. I went in on an adrenaline high from a busy day and was able to drop into my parasympathetic nervous system during the session, leaving like I was walking on a cloud! Thank you Narelle! High recommended. X

Jessica Lowe

We proudly hosted a beautiful evening of Meditation with Narelle.
Our clients were graced with Narelle’s gentle welcoming. We immediately felt at ease while settling into class giving ourselves a moment to prepare for relaxation ahead. Narelle’s calm and gentle voice guided us through meditation and sound healing layering the class seamlessly. Concluding with a special treat of warm herbal tea and delicious cacao treats while we took a moment on our mats before leaving class.
Thank you Narelle, we look forward to your next class

Pilates Performance Studio

I have been attending Narelle’s guided meditation classes for a few weeks now and find them a great place to unwind.
Narelle and the studio are lovely; calm and welcoming; the instruction easy to follow; and afterwards I always feel totally relaxed.
Highly recommend

Trina S.

Narelle is absolutely brilliant at what she does. She makes every session comfortable and relaxing. After attending some classes on my own and feeling at total peace, I arranged Narelle to run a class for our work team. Not only did everyone love the class, but some of my colleagues are looking at attending regularly. One even said it was “one of the best classes I’ve been too”. Thank you Narelle for allowing me to take time for myself every week, and thank you for allowing my colleagues to feel relaxed and restored!

Sharon Ann

Hi, I’m Narelle.

My journey with natural health was born out of a passion to support my family in their physical and emotional health. As a busy family navigating day to day life I realised how important it was to nourish our body from the inside out through natural health and whole foods. In the beginning my focus was to support my children, but as time went on I soon realised how much both meditation and essential oils were helping me. They allowed me to be more resilient when things weren’t quite going right, more patient with my children and less stressed and tired overall.

I distinctly remember the day my son commented and said “ Mum, you’re so calm it’s a little creepy”!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! It was great that he found me much calmer, but, it also highlighted just how stressed I used to be. Life will always have its ups and downs, it is how we respond and cope to these situations that defines us. Essential oils have given us as a family the resilience, strength and patience to cope with set backs.

Physical & Emotional Health

I’m passionate about naturally supporting families in their physical and emotional health. Guided Meditation and the beautiful aromatic properties of essential oils empower you to support your overall mental and physical wellbeing safely and effectively.

Meditation & Essential Oils

If I had to describe in one word what meditation and essential oils have done for me it would be “Balance” Together that have given me the ability to bring balance into my life on a daily basis. I feel empowered that I can make them part of my daily routine and help bring more clarity, balance and less stress into my life

Serving My Community

Through Serenity Wellness Collective my aim is to share essential oils, meditation and all areas of health and wellness to my community. If I can help just one mother, child or family through difficult times I have served my purpose.

Are you ready?

I am not here to diagnose or treat – I am simply one person sharing my experiences and my story, and I have a passion to support others in their quest to lead a happier and healthier life.

I believe in a collaborative approach to supporting both our physical and mental health. Through Serenity Wellness Collective I host events and workshops with natural health experts and motivational speakers, bringing together a collaboration of natural therapies for my community to experience.