Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Or are those around you teetering on the verge of emotional meltdown?

The way we interpret and respond to our feelings has a major impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Managing emotional reactions means choosing how and when to express the emotions we feel.

This is why I LOVE this beautiful Emotional Wellness Starter Kit

The perfect way to naturally bring some emotional balance back into the home and family life. 

  • This starter kit has everything your need to help: 
  • Promote whole body relaxation 
  • Encourage a positive mind
  • Ease nervous tension
  • Promote self confidence 
  • Support restful, quality sleep
  • Quieten busy minds
  • Adapt to difficult and challenging situations 

Your Emotional Wellness kit comprises of 5 powerful essential oils plus the gorgeous petal diffuser…. everything you need to harmonize emotions, support positive thinking, uplift moods and encourage emotional balance and resilience

Whether diffusing or applying topically, this kit can be used daily to support the whole family. 

Balance – promotes relaxation and calmness, encourages a positive attitude

Citrus Bliss – Provides emotional support for positive thinking, helps reduce mental stress and fatigue. 

Lavender Peace – Appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body, this blend encourages restful sleep. 

Elevation – Elevating and refreshing this blend helps to harmonixe the emotions, ease nervous tension and promote self confidence.

Adaptiv – Perfect for life’s stressful moments, this blend encourages you to adapt to difficult and challenging situations

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